Among the past events there were workshops entitled "Drought from 2015 - evaluation of the phenomenon and its effects. How to counteract the effects of drought? ", Seminars "Application of models for integrated water management" were organized; "Maps of other threats in the ISOK project" and "Agricultural pressure and water protection - challenges in implementing the provisions of the Nitrates Directive". As a result of the General Assembly of Members of the Association, in 2015 a resolution was prepared expressing concern about the state of water management in Poland. PK GWP has been involved in preparing meetings for the World Water Day for many years.

PK GWP together with the Polish Ecological Club, Department of Hydraulic Engineering SGGW, Coalition Clean Baltic and Oikos prepared a conference entitled "Agricultural and non-agricultural sources of water pollution - the reason for eutrophication of the Baltic Sea". The aim of the conference was to indicate the sources of pollution and to identify ways to effectively reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus load, which each year reach the rivers of the Baltic Sea catchment. The conference was attended by representatives of state, research, scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and farmers.

PK GWP was involved in presenting drought issues in Poland - including monitoring and assessment of the occurrence of this phenomenon, exchange of experiences related to the occurrence of droughts, periods of water shortages and their consequences. A list of important issues related to drought and institutions or organizations in which this issue may be important was formulated. In 2014, the Polish Committee joined in a two-year project carried out jointly by GWP and the World Meteorological Organization, consisting the preparation of proposals for planning activities in the area of ​​creating Plans for Preventing the Effects of Drought. During the workshop "Drought issues in water management planning" the genesis and objectives of the GWP project: "Drought management in Central and Eastern Europe" were presented and a discussion on good practices in planning drought risk management was conducted.

In 2014. UN National Water Consultation was conducted under the patronage of the UN. The consultations aim was to summarize the experience gained during the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals related to water in Poland. The aim was to confront Polish realities and possibilities with the assumptions of sustainable development after 2015, where providing access to water of appropriate quality, as well as to sanitary facilities is a priority issue, being the basis of human rights.

The Polish Committee of the Global Water Partnership has prepared the memorial "Wisła beyond divisions", elaboration of water management analyzes and financing of this section of the national economy. In 2006 a report was published on the work carried out jointly with WWF Poland on the development of management principles in river valleys covered by the EU NATURA 2000 program. In 2003, the Polish GWP Committee took active part in the preparation of a regional speech at the III World Water Congress in Kyoto, Japan.