Water is the foundation of human health and economic development. GWP would like everyone to have access to clean water that allows a healthy life, that communities be protected against water related risks and that the production potential of water is used to achieve sustainable development goals while protecting ecosystems. The implementation of these goals will only be possible if the policy, law, funding and water management authorities will be well managed, transparent, consistent and integrated between different sectors. The GWP calls for the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), which is also one of the objectives under Goal 6 of Sustainable Development Goals (UN) concerning water. IWRM requires full coordination between sectors, and strives to achieve the greatest possible social and economic benefits while maintaining the appropriate quality of the natural environment - that is, while fully respecting the principles of sustainable development.

GWP has been helping countries implement integrated water resources management for more than 20 years. It supports the creation of a network of partners by involving governments, society and the economic sector to work together to jointly undertake efforts and solve water-related problems. GWP implements IWRM through quick identification of needs in this area and the possibility of their implementation, assists activities including research and consultations of a strategic nature as well as technical and investment consultancy, primarily in developing countries.

Goals of the Polish Committee of the Global Partnership for Water:

• undertaking actions concerning integrated water resources management,

• promotion of up to date information about water resources management in accordance with the principles of sustainable development,

• popularizing knowledge in the field of water management within the society and acting to increase its participation in decision-making processes,

• help in solving current water problems, especially at the crossing point with other areas of the economy,

• acting to increase the financing and improve the management of water resources.